Webinar – Social Ecommerce: entertaining online shoppers with social features

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Social Ecommerce: entertaining online shoppers with social features

In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, Chinese consumers are no longer satisfied with the search-engine style shopping experience online — they want to be entertained in the process! Europe China Foundation’s next event will be around this multi-billion business: social ecommerce.

While in the West, live streaming is mostly used in gaming, entertainment and social media, in China, livestreaming became a go-to option for Chinese consumers seeking new products, promotions, or an impulse buy on a deal. Live streaming is a beneficial medium that provides transparency and adds a human element to marketing, which can help brands build trust and better relationships with their customers.

Join us on October 21st 7PM (CST) with Danni Liu, Founding Partner & Managing Director of iBlue Communications, to explore the fascinating social e-commerce ecosystem



Danni LIU

Founding Partner at iBlue Communications - Europe

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