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We are visionaries redefining the business and creative boundaries of entertainment. Europe China Video Game Association​ is where the major players of the video game industry work together to support the bright future of video games.


We are the video game industry, reimagining entertainment for billions of players around the world. We deliver dynamic interactive experiences that challenge the boundaries of storytelling, competition, and social interaction. Together, we work to expand the frontiers of what is possible in entertainment.


Our Legal, Regulatory & Policy and Government Affairs departments provide key information, smart advocacy, and collaboration opportunities through a strong reputation and contacts. Working with Congress and the Administration, the ESA advocates for robust intellectual property protection and enforcement measures; standards that enable free cross-border data flows and the reduction of barriers to digital trade and services.


All along the year, the Europe China Foundation organises Sino-European events, with either a business, political, cultural or academic focus. These events take place in Europe or in China, facilitating dialogue between Europe and Chinese leading personalities.


works to advance state and local proposals that would create or expand digital media tax incentive programs in established and emerging areas of growth. Such funding plays a vital role in helping to recruit and retain highly-skilled, highly-compensated talent while increasing direct investment from the computer and video game industry. Strong state-based incentives for digital media projects create a multiplier effect that provide a great return on investment for local communities and provide an ideal opportunity for increased innovation in other industries.

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Created in 2018 as a follow-up to the actions led by Europe and China’s Association of Multimedia Producers, the ECVG represents the French video game companies and professionals’ workers. It campaigns for the industry promotion, growth and competitiveness, and for territory attractiveness. ECVG’s goal is to allow video game development companies operating in France to
accelerate their development and become more competitive in a strong international competing context.

A bridge between Europe and China.

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Gala Support

The Foundation’s Gala is one of the most important dates on our annual calendar. Importantly, it is also the Foundation’s opportunity to honor those who have dedicated their time and energy to the lasting partnership between Europe and China.

Corporate & Individual Support

Corporate donations are a critical part of Foundation’s annual operating budget and may support its infrastructure or specific initiatives. Corporate sponsors enjoy significant brand visibility as well as program-related promotional opportunities. 

Foundation Support

Partnership with the Foundation is an opportunity to shape important conversations, research, and policies relevant not only to the Sino-European relationship, but also with potential for greater application and impact. 

Additional Support Opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways you can give to the Europe-China Foundation. Participating matching grant programs :

  • Gifts of stock
  • Real property
  • Planned gifts

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