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Europe China Think Tank is a premier strategy consulting group regarding Europe China Business and political issues, working alongside large-cap and high-growth companies for the last ten years. Each semester our think tank advise firms on growth strategy, market entry, competitive outlook, marketing and business modeling cases, driving revenue growth to generate high value at a fraction of the cost of a corporate consulting group. Our analysts are competitively selected and highly trained, and they graduate to work at top consulting, finance, and tech firms across the world. Our cases are primarily analytical and research-driven and our clients highly recommend Europe China Think Tank casework, year after year. Finally, we strive to have a significant impact on our global community.

Analytical Approach

Data-driven solutions are increasingly important in a business world where the firms that outperform are those that know the most about their market, its players, consumers and technology and can strategize based on this data. Our case teams utilize publicly available industry data, university-licensed database research and quantitative research strategies to provide our clients with information about their industry, customers, and competition—from competitive firms to rising technologies. We then use this information—both numerical and qualitative—to provide forward-thinking strategic recommendations to clients.

Case Procedures: Spring 2020

Pre Planning 1

/ 20 2 /15/19

Managing Directors work
with clients to finalize case b scopes and contracts

Case Planning

2 /25/19 3 /15/19

Analysts are recruited and
trained . Case Team Leaders
and Managing Directors finalize
case plans.

Midterm Research

3 /15/19 4 /15/19

Case teams spend
several weeks conducting initial
research for clients and working towards the midpoint deliverable
Analysts present a midpoint deliverable to the client

Final Recommendations

4 /15/19 5 /15/19

After receiving feedback from
clients on the initial findings
case teams conduct five weeks
of final research leading up to
the final week of April.
During this time, analysts
synthesize knowledge and
arrive at an extensively
deliberated set of recommendations for strategic
decisions going forward.

culture exchange

Our Foundation promotes initiatives related to various artistic fields, including cinema, museum, fine art, video games, virtual reality. It promotes the mobility of works of art, artists and ideas.

Global Entrepreneurs

Through our global incubation program, corporates, incubators and educational institutions will be better able to connect and engage with their international peers. All to help innovation multiply and thrive.

Trans-Eurasian Forum

The Trans-Eurasian Forum assembles professionals of all backgrounds on a monthly basis to advance crucial dialogue between Europe and China, with chapters in major metropolis.


We bring together leaders from various fields to discuss topics of economic, social, and political importance with a guest of honor. Participants include high-profile individuals.

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Gala Support

The Foundation’s Gala is one of the most important dates on our annual calendar. Importantly, it is also the Foundation’s opportunity to honor those who have dedicated their time and energy to the lasting partnership between Europe and China.

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Corporate donations are a critical part of Foundation’s annual operating budget and may support its infrastructure or specific initiatives. Corporate sponsors enjoy significant brand visibility as well as program-related promotional opportunities. 

Foundation Support

Partnership with the Foundation is an opportunity to shape important conversations, research, and policies relevant not only to the Sino-European relationship, but also with potential for greater application and impact. 

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways you can give to the Europe-China Foundation. Participating matching grant programs :

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