Europe China Innovators

We bring together innovators from various fields to discuss topics of economic, social, and political importance with a guest of honor.

Europe China Innovation webinar

To promote the business community in Asia and Europe to actively cooperate in innovation-driven development, the Forum focused on the theme “Innovation for Development: Fostering New Growth Drivers” and discuss relating topics such as, 1) innovation & development on information technology between Asia and Europe, 2)smart city, 3)intelligence manufacture, 4)e-commerce Innovation and others with common interests. It also aimed to serve as a platform for all parties to share best practices, seek and build common ground and consolidate practice cooperation between Asia and Europe.

culture exchange

Our Foundation promotes initiatives related to various artistic fields, including cinema, museum, fine art, video games, virtual reality. It promotes the mobility of works of art, artists and ideas.

Global Entrepreneurs

Through our global incubation program, corporates, incubators and educational institutions will be better able to connect and engage with their international peers. All to help innovation multiply and thrive.

Trans-Eurasian Forum

The Trans-Eurasian Forum assembles professionals of all backgrounds on a monthly basis to advance crucial dialogue between Europe and China, with chapters in major metropolis.


We bring together leaders from various fields to discuss topics of economic, social, and political importance with a guest of honor. Participants include high-profile individuals.

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Gala Support

The Foundation’s Gala is one of the most important dates on our annual calendar. Importantly, it is also the Foundation’s opportunity to honor those who have dedicated their time and energy to the lasting partnership between Europe and China.

Corporate & Individual Support

Corporate donations are a critical part of Foundation’s annual operating budget and may support its infrastructure or specific initiatives. Corporate sponsors enjoy significant brand visibility as well as program-related promotional opportunities. 

Foundation Support

Partnership with the Foundation is an opportunity to shape important conversations, research, and policies relevant not only to the Sino-European relationship, but also with potential for greater application and impact. 

Additional Support Opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways you can give to the Europe-China Foundation. Participating matching grant programs :

  • Gifts of stock
  • Real property
  • Planned gifts

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